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Great news for homebuyers amid COVID-19

If you're getting cold feet about buying a home right now, here's a real-life story you need to read.

Just last Monday, Christie was in your shoes. She sent us a farewell email expressing that she wanted to wait a few months before continuing her search. She also couldn't afford to pay for her closing cost fees.

But what she didn't know was that...

💸 Now is the best time for me to negotiate sellers to give my buyers cash for closing costs

🏆 With fewer people on the roads, buyer competition is incredibly low

💲 Sellers are desperate to sell and are more likely to accept lower offers

📱 Virtual tours allow buyers to get detailed walkthroughs without leaving home

(Did you know 35% of homebuyers make offers on homes sight unseen, anyway?)

Christie listened to our advice and booked a virtual tour of a beautiful home in Clearwater.

By Friday, she was under contract. With our negotiations, her offer was accepted with an $8,000 price reduction PLUS she received $6,500 in cash from the seller to go toward her closing costs.

She instantly saved $14,500‬ for striking while the market is still hot.

If you haven't scheduled a virtual tour yet - don't wait!

Click here to get started.

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