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Ultimate Homebuying Next Steps

Stressing out is so last decade. We're here to take all the guesswork (and stresswork) away with this quick checklist you can come back to anytime. 

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Just a quick phone call with our preferred lenders can get the ball rolling on your financing. 

Magic rates don't exist. The finance team will happily screenshare live rates of the day and take you behind the scenes.

Last 2 Tax Returns

Last 2 months bank and/or stock statements

Last 3 W2s

Last 2 paystubs

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Get pre-approved.

Getting DU pre-approved is the golden key that reassures sellers that you're serious and well-equipped to buy their home. 

When demand is high and multiple offers are made on the same house - offers with DU pre-approvals can move you to the top of the list.

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Choose a realtor.

Just like you wouldn't eat from a 2-star restaurant, you shouldn't buy with a 2-star realtor. Choose wisely.

Select a realtor that has a successful track record of negotiating seller-paid closing costs, home repairs and repair allowances. 

If you can't - reach out to us. Our entire realtor team are experts on those!

We'll get access for you to tour homes on your own schedule. 

Don't know which neighborhood to start? Our realtors are experts across various cities and our concierge team is available to guide you 24/7.  


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Make an offer.

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Just give us the green light and we'll round up our entire team to create an official offer.


Don't worry - offers are free and you can pull out of the deal even if your offer's accepted. 


Believe it or not, this process can take as little as 24 hours.

Go at your own pace, but remember - housing is first-come, first-serve.

Click the mustache when you're ready to start.

What's your realtor doing this entire time?

Not all heroes wear capes, but, well sometimes it gets a little chilly so we throw one on.

We realtors are master peacemakers, challenge-chasers, and are fearlessly devoted to you. 

We spend hours researching, negotiating, texting, emailing, coordinating, calling, and following up with everyone from you to listing agents - even when they're angry. We'll take the heat so you don't have to.

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