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House Hunting.


We get it. Buying a house can feel like a huge undertaking - but don't sweat it. We've got your back. 

Here's exactly what you can expect in this process.


Everything starts with an address. Give us some that you like or we'll help you discover new ones.

Meanwhile, get strong proof of financing to strengthen your offer.


Just give us the green light and we'll round up our entire team to create an official offer. Don't worry - nothing is written in stone and we can write multiple offers. 


Put some skin in the game.

After your offer's been accepted - don't drink all the champagne at once. Now it's time to give the sellers a deposit (escrow) to show that you're seriously serious.


What's that over there?

Inspections are totally optional, but they really help you know what needs to be fixed. 

We can negotiate seller-paid repairs for things that come up in the home inspection report - even if the contract says "as-is". 


Now it's time for an independent appraiser to tell us what the house is really worth.

If the price comes in lower than the price you asked in your offer, there's a good chance the seller will accept a lower price.

Appraise & Amaze


Dance across the finish line.


There may have been a few bumps on the way, but your persistence paid off. We'll dance a little, you'll dance a little, and then you'll close on your new home.


What's your realtor doing this entire time?

Not all heroes wear capes, but, well sometimes it gets a little chilly so we throw one on.

We realtors are master peacemakers, challenge-chasers, and are fearlessly devoted to you. 

We spend hours researching, negotiating, texting, emailing, coordinating, calling, and following up with everyone from you to listing agents - even when they're angry. We take the heat so you don't have to.

So do us a favor and show us some love. If you're loving your experience so far or just think our illustrations are super sweet, let us know! Click here to make a huge difference (and our day). ❤

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