Should I rent or buy?

When you rent, you dish out a monthly check that you'll never see again. When you buy a home, your mortgage goes toward the interest and principal of a home you can eventually own. The cost of your mortgage loan interest can also be deducted from your federal - and oftertimes state taxes too. Property taxes can also be deducted as a homeowner. If your house goes up in value, you profit! And perhaps above all, you can enjoy a place of your very own where you're free to paint, furnish, and rennovate however you wish!

My cousin/friend/neighbor is a realtor. Should I use them?

Unless you're planning on buying a spaceship, buying a home is the single most expensive decision you'll make in your life. (No pressure, right?) An 'okay' realtor, could literally cost you thousands of dollars because they weren't hard-as-nails negotiating for your closing costs, home repairs, etc... Don't risk your next home buy with an inexperienced realtor-friend just because you didn't want to hurt their feelings. They won't be helping you pay an overpriced mortgage or spend their weekends helping you repair things around the house that the sellers could've done for you instead. Need more convincing? Check out

But, like, can't I just buy a house without a realtor?

Opting out of a realtor only leaves the seller's realtor with 100% of the commission instead of 50% - so it leaves them with more and saves you nothing. (Hint: Buyer's agents are free, so...) Buying a house without a realtor is like defending yourself in court instead of retaining a seasoned ( and free! ) lawyer. So to answer your question - you can buy a house without a realtor. You can also empty your bank account, bag your money, and set it on fire. Both possible. Both incredibly bad ideas. Still thinking about it? This quiz.

Do you offer any special programs for new buyers?

We sure do! Our $5,000 New Home Buyer Credit is available, easy to apply, and completely free. No boring class required!

Can you help me with financing?

Definitely! Our preferred lender is led by a mortgage originator ranked 1% in the nation.

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